Stress, Strain, Pain - Worry, Anxiety, Concern 


If the above are in the story of your life,
then the third leg is sure to be missing
from your health tripod.






Above is the face of my nine month old grandaughter!

Well, I aint no babe no more;
  and here I am 50 or so years later,
and finding that most people are still confused

about the source of real vibrant health. 


So this is for you, my next generation,
and for the present digital natives
who are about to run the world.  


You might be amazed that
our present model for well being
nearly always has one leg missing
from the health tripod,
and it is always the same one.

Leg number one is our modern
medical system
. It’s a mighty good leg.
It is the reward of our advances
in technology, research, and development.

Leg number two comes out of the
tremendous growth and appreciation
of the nature of our psyche.
The third leg never needed 
to be developed by our intellect.
It is completed and given at birth.
It effortlessly springs up out of
the nature of NATURE.

Stress, strain, pain, worry,
anxiety and concern!
They are telling us that we are
disconnecting from that nature.
We are impeding the energy, the vitality,
that is our underlying nature.
Stress, strain, pain, worry, anxiety
and concern are pointing to
“ A disturbance in the force ”




 Kathy and Robert Macleod

bringing you
Psychology, Counselling,
Alexander Technique,

and other great stuff,
for more than thirty years.





Kathy is      a sensitive, listening psychologist     
who is across some of the best strategies
available for getting your life moving again.

This includes  CBT - Hynotherapy - Tapping - Mindfulness and more.




Rob is an author and a teacher 
  of the Alexander Technique who
came to Perth in 1983.
His psyche-physical coaching has,
for more than thirty years, been
helping people release their stress,
strain, pain and emotional intensity.





 So just what is our underlying nature? 


Start with a few of my aphorisms.

An Aphorism:
  A pithy observation  that contains a general truth! 






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