Searchers and Sufferers 

The climate of


is upon us.

A global climate of change is


As there is a new motion in our planet’s earth space, there is also new motion in our own personal space.
Our personal atmosphere is in a state of acceleration. The planet is changing us even as we are changing the planet.

So what is Akudu?
There is a line that you are not supposed to cross when you've been seriously educated and carefully wrapped up in scientific 'cling film' for today’s materialistic focus on health, on well being, on the nature of reality and the creative psyche.
Akudu is urging you to cross the line.
We know it will be to your great advantage.
The Akudu team -
Rob Macleod, developer of Akudu:
Sharing the transforming practises of Akudu for many years.
Kathy Macleod - Psychologist:
Experienced and insightful with a personal practice spanning 20 years.

Akudu is using attention in a different way through your body and psyche.
It guides you and allows you to reset the self  to neutral, to natural, to easy and free. Without strain, pain or manipulation

Seriously now, I never met anyone yet who did not want to be
healthy, happy, horny and free.

Have you?

Healthy, Happy, Horny, Free.
Four words for the same thing.
Nature’s default for our well being.
If one goes out they all  have to scramble. If one goes down
they all go down.

Akudu? We help you to put nature back with humans. Humans + Nature.That should give us …human nature, right?
Akudu? More than a technique of awareness.
It is the art of being alert, alive and aware without trying.
Of becoming alive without forcing or mangling your days with effort.
Akudu is an awareness that rehabilitates and releases.

A natural way of waking up your waking self to its own power and creativity.

It is time…  
It has never been more important that
right now, you take your daily activity back into your own hands. Akudu is not a vaccine for Covid 19. But it is certainly a way of mobilising your vitality and your energy again.
It is time…there is no need for a sinking feeling.
As we recover our human nature we find that it is a floating joy, not a sinking brick.


Akudu for searchers and sufferers.

Why not start by listening to

Rob's punchy Pods.

Short three to five minute podcasts

loaded with little gems to get you

ruminating on the tricks

and treats of daily life.

Perfect for on the train, in the car,

or wherever the wind blows.

They will help you get a fresh way of looking at your day and perhaps even choosing a win way to go.

Good ideas every week will

keep you on your toes.

Then as soon as you are rolling get the Akudu practice procedures to relearn and refocus. Rediscover your personal power and be the most exciting you that you can think of being.

Akudu : guidance for searchers and sufferers.